Birds made out of maps

Found another great artist who makes portraits of fauna, mostly birds, out of old cartography! I love the oldĀ  style of the portraits that is echoed by the old maps and textures. Make sure you check out his website for more art and information about his first solo show (only helps if you are on […]

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Sugar Snacks + Sushi = Awesome

Sugar is the best. We all know that. Also, sushi is great – now i know mixing the two in your head might sound like a really easy way to feel sick. But wait! They have found a way! Using some of my favorite sugar snack foods: Rice Krispies treats, Peeps, and Fruit by the […]

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Day Ruining Invoice

If you are a graphic designer, photographer, or other creatively professional person, you know how hard it is to have that client. You know, that one that makes you change everything 10 times, just to see what it might look like, and then decides your idea was better (maybe). Or the one who calls you […]

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So Cool!

Check this out. It’s an Ink Calendar designed to spread and ink one number at a time so you know what day it is! Amazing! I can’t imagine how long this took to do, but I am so glad they weathered that storm. Totally worth it.

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2k10 things I should do

Make my life cooler. I want to make everything cooler by being more crafty. Start making cool things like & more photo holders, book shelves, and interesting storage devices and things in general. I think that could be my favorite thing. Be More Organized Setting up an office in your house is harder than I […]

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